Winter Market Reflection

Step 1

I am Aaron Li and the group of 3 I worked in consisted of myself, Nathanael and Andy. We decided to sell phone sleeves and cutting boards; we wanted to sell phone sleeves because a large portion of our target audience take public transit which meant that our product is useful and could therefore sell more. As for our cutting boards, we wanted to sell to a larger target audience, and since there are many adult staff working in the school we decided to create a product that both adults and students would be interested in. We ordered the phone sleeves from AliExpress in late October; we packaged the phone sleeves by attaching them to a cardboard iPhone XS with our logo and product description. For the cutting boards, we bought 9 cutting-board-sized oakwood from Home Depot, sandpaper and cutting board oil. After we sanded the cutting board to make it smooth and oiled it as a protective cover. We also made a word document covering all the criteria expected in the Winter Market writeup.

Step 2

We had to use math to calculate revenue and expenses, and to make sure we could break even or make a profit based on the sales we were getting. We had to change the price of our phone sleeve product because the number of sales we were making was lower than we expected. This experience greatly differed from our initial expectations because we thought that our product would sell out quickly at regular price because it was both cheap to purchase, and very useful.

Step 3

I learned that a lot of times people don’t buy the product even though it’s very useful and cheap, other factors come into play. A few examples are how popular it is, If they “like it”, or how it is marketed and advertised. I learned this by not making many sales even though our product was both useful and cheap. This is important because we want to make more sales, and if we need to improve certain aspects of our product/business to make more sales next time, we know exactly what to do and how to do it. In the future, we could make the design of our product “cooler” so more people like the design and our product, we could also make the uses and conveniences of our product more obvious by putting it in the product description on the packaging of each phone sleeve.

The image shows our product, the design could be improved and made more attractive by adding more design, colour, or (christmas) theme.

The product description doesn’t contain the benefits and uses of our product, so people might’ve not realized the use of our product which leads them to not buying it.


I think I did a very good job of being aware of myself and my responsibilities. I was very focused in class, at home and at the sale of doing my best to contribute to our business. Even when things weren’t looking the best when we didn’t get as many sales as we expected on the first day, we didn’t give up and think negatively, instead, I managed my feelings and looked for ways to improve tomorrow. And even when my group members are busy, I can still efficiently complete tasks and be very productive by myself.

Favourite Video

This is my favourite video because it shows that there are so many opportunities out there, and that it’s your choice to take them or ignore them. And even at a young age, as long you have passion, you’ll never find out how successful you could be if you never took the opportunity in the first place. Also because the video is about Fortnite, which i am very interested in.

Favourite Picture

Related image

This is my favourite picture because it symbolizes the happiest few months of my life. During the summer of 2018, in May to September was when Fortnite was at it’s peak in popularity. When everyone had the same common interest, we were all more connected to each other and it felt like a community of people instead of isolated individuals. And during those few months, everybody’s general mood was lifted so much higher, and so many new friends were made.

Favourite Quote

My favourite quote is “The more ways you can tell a story and paint a picture, the better it is.” – Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. This is my favourite quotes because it was made someone who influences me a lot. The quote is saying the more connection you have with other people or things, the better your experience it will be.