My favorite video

My favorite video is a video of my favorite rapper named “21 Savage” rapping one of his top hit songs: “Bank Account”. This is my favorite song and rapper because it was the first rap IO had ever listened to and actually enjoyed it. Another reason I like this video was because i found the original video really funny at the time and never forgot about it. This rapper was the one that led me to listen to a whole new genre of music.


My Favorite Quote

My favorite quote is “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that” by Martin Luther King Jr. I love that quote because so many things in my life have proved that it is true; before and after knowing about the quote. One example was that I use to hate this one kid in my class back when I was in grade 7. We dislike each other very much. But, one day, we went on a field trip and we were supposed to work together in a group to complete a worksheet that our teacher had given us. We did not like the circumstance but we started to be nicer to each other starting with working together very well and then moving on to topics like basketball and video games. Little did I know, 2 years later, we became very good friends; almost like two peas in a pod.

About Me

Hello my name is Adrian. I am in grade 9 and is currently attending Port Moody Secondary. I live in Coquitlam B.C. Some of my hobbies are basketball, video games, and reading. I especially enjoy going outside on sunny Sundays. Some of the subjects that I enjoy learning about in school are Math, Science, and Foods. Those are some examples. I hope that you learned something about me by reading this.