Welcome Back, Digital Learners!

Hello PMSS Digital Learners! The use of technology for teaching and learning have become a common place to enrich classrooms. Now, more than ever, it is important for us to talk about digital citizenship, digital leadership, and the appropriate use of digital tools.

Beginning the week of September 20th, you will be invited to either a virtual gathering or an in person meeting during flex to discuss Digital Learning 10. This year’s course outline is posted HERE: please take a look. Please also take a moment to reflect on your use of technology for learning and for life.  Have you had a powerful, life-changing experience that would not have been possible without technology? What positive and negative online behaviours have you observed as a user in your various platforms? How have these observations changed the way you use technology? (No need to answer these questions, in writing. They are only meant to get your wheels turning for DL10). Your DL10 teachers will be in touch! Check your TEAMS for further information.