Favorite music video

I really like this video because of how it shows the excitement and coolness of the T.V. show. It  shows where all the events take place. In addition to the music, I also think that it is really cool how the gears turn and rise up, which symbolizes civilization. The intro’s start and end is at the same place, which I think is really important. and I like how all the clans are carved upon the metal surrounding the sun. Finally, it shows the series’s name at the end, which is what the audience is waiting for.

Favourite Image

Image result for star wars pro max

My favorite images are usually memes. And although memes can be kind of offensive, memes are funny, original, and can make someone who is feeling sad perk up. Now that the internet is really spreading out, memes can also be used for expressing yourselves.

Favourite Quote

“Logic will get you from point A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” -Albert Einstein

There is nothing as powerful as imagination. I think Albert Einstein means that logic is a very limited thing, and can only be utilized if you have enough skill. But you start imagining the day you were born, and imagination can can really get you anywhere. You can be in your room and be daydreaming about fun things that only you can think of, but logic doesn’t quite make it as fun.