Reflection on Learning

Today in Math, we were introduced to a PADS dog that will be our school’s ‘facility dog’, which our principal explained is a dog trained to be a companion to anxious students and to brighten the days of everyone in the hallways. A PADS dog would be good to assist students, relieve stress and overall let people smile. It will be nice to have a furry friend at school who is available to all students and faculty.

Also, our teacher told us about the movie Super 30. A movie about a class of working class students who all worked extremely hard to get into the top university in the country. It reminded me of my obligations to learn and get an education, something many people around the world  still don’t have. I must strive to learn and grow as much as I can in school, to establish a career and better myself and the people in my life. It is my job right now and I must work hard and learn for myself and my future.

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