Today in Math class we were introduced to the game Carrom. Carrom is a cue-based game originally from India. It is similar to pool, where the object is to pocket the objects (balls or carrom-men) by striking a cue and using angles to hit it in.

The game includes a striker, a chip (intended to by flicked by a player using their fingers), carrom-men and smaller chips (meant to be hit into the corner pockets), the board, and the queen (the last chip to be pocketed and it is worth more points), and two teams of players. Rules and styles of play vary depending on region, and number of players. Some games are similar to pool, where as some are point based games. The game is often played as a social event and is popular among children and in tournament style.

In learning about Carrom, I can identify some Core Competencies that may be demonstrated in the game. Communication is big because you need to talk to team mates to make strategies. Critical Thinking can also be important when finding inscribed angles to hit the striker and pocket a chip.  Personal, Social and Cultural Awareness is incorporated because Carrom in a social game which is played in many different countries and has many variants and different rules and styles.

Carrom seems like a very fun game and I look forward to learning and hopefully playing with friends.

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