School during the Pandemic

We a truly living in a crazy time. We are learning and making mistakes. We are living through a historical event. This is the new normal. This too shall pass. School is cancelled? Everything is shut down. This is just what we need to slow down and remind us what is really important. Our hero front line workers. An economic recession. An environmental break. Wild life is coming back. The skies are so clear. Mother Nature is showing us who is boss. I wonder how it’ll be when this is all said and done. 

It is April 2020! It feels like January, February and March flew by. The jumble of thoughts in italics are things I have heard and ideas that have been in circulation during the past few weeks. It is now April, and though the events shaping the world today started over three months ago, it didn’t really hit home until about 3 weeks ago. I am in no way a credible source amid this pandemic, but I am sharing my thoughts and experiences in this post because it will undoubtedly impact my high school years. (For which this blog was created to be a record.)

At the beginning of 2020, there was news coverage about a deadly virus outbreak in China. Like many global issues or news stories, I ignored it. Things are difficult to put into perspective when you have no interest in it and think you are frankly “to busy to care”. Eventually, the news grew and people began to worry.  Began to take more precautions for their own health and safety. The situation escalated in other parts of the world, such as Iran and Italy. Blame, conspiracy, fear, false news, and ignorance spread, along with the virus. Professionals talked of “flattening the curve” as to not overwhelm the health care system. This brings us to what was supposed to be the beginning of Spring Break. We believed it would be a time to self-isolate, but not the beginning of a radically changed way of life. Things started to close, and people were urged to social distance. Steps were becoming more drastic, and necessary. Many, many, many new rules, regulations and protocols where but into place. Including, on March 17th, the indefinite suspension of school classes. This now directly effects me! Before, I had been abiding by the provinces advice, but not panicking. The panic was brief and has since subsided. Everyone had adapted their routines and is awaiting more information.

That bring us to today. We would have officially gone back to classes this past Monday. Instead, we are all home. Using electronics over 40% more, on average. Everyone is scrambling to make new innovative changes to work around Physical Distancing.  I am very grateful to all the people working so hard to keep people safe and provide for others. Everyone who is working to help I extend my heart-felt thanks.

As for me, I am being contacted by teachers, friends, classmates, and people from just about every aspect of my life.  I am living life as usual… the new usual. The italics ideals are all still swirling around me. What does this mean for everyone? There are many unanswered questions. We won’t really know until later. Because even though it it is year two thousand twenty, only hindsight is 2020. We’ll all have to wait and see. And I hope to write a few more posts specifically about Learning and School in these circumstances.

3 Comments on School during the Pandemic

  1. mmehai
    April 6, 2020 at 10:54 pm (1 year ago)

    Hi Carmen, Ms. Mehai here. Are you writing for you? Just wondering if this is for a class or because you’re wanting to share? Either way, thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

  2. Cherie Nagra
    April 6, 2020 at 11:33 pm (1 year ago)

    Hi Carmen, Please keep doing what you’re doing. It’s great that you’re using the platform as it is intended!

  3. MBreden
    April 7, 2020 at 2:46 pm (1 year ago)

    Hi Carmen. Thank you for sharing this. It’s really interesting to hear your perspectives on our current situation. Super Cool! Thank you – Mr. Breden


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