Interdisciplinary Project

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Math Powerpoint

digital footprint #3

I would explain the idea of digital permanence as having a permanent burden on your shoulders.  to my fellow students I wold say to be careful with what you post on social media and make sure its appropriate and you will be okay with it when you are older and trying to get a job. to my teachers and parents, I would say to be careful on what you post as well, but to mainly focus on what their friends or acquaintances post onto the internet about you.  I would say to both my fellow students and adults is that digital permanence is something you should watch out for. always check to see what is posted about you and what you posted because it will most likely be there forever. you should care about your digital footprint because it can impact your future career opportunities.

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Instagram Feed Change: YES or NO?

digital footprint #2

for our second question of digital literacy we were asked to describe at least 3 strategies that will keep our digital footprints safe.

my first strategy to be able to keep your footprint safe is to put different passwords on all of your social media. having one password for all of your accounts is a rally bad idea, if a person figures out your password, they can get into all of your accounts and deeply impact your digital footprint. another thing you should do to keep your digital footprint safe is to make sure that your password is not too simple. if you just say your name and birthdate initials, you will be more likely to have your account hacked. if you make a random password or things that you will remember you will be less likely to have your account stolen or hacked.  and finally, you should always read the cookies terms of policies, if you are not aware to what you are agreeing to, you could agree to things that you do not enjoy or would regularly agree to. you should always  at least skim the terms to check that you aren’t agreeing to anything you don’t like.

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digital footprint assignment #1

the question we were asked for our first digital footprint assignment was “how might your digital footprint affect your personal brand and future (school and work) opportunities?”

my answer to that question is that your digital footprint can highly effect what opportunities are offered to you. if you are unaware of your digital footprint you can upload things onto the internet that you don’t want stuck to your name. it is very important to be aware of your digital footprint and the toll that it has over your life, because you can post or say things that you will later regret, but will never be able to take down because they are a part of the internet. every time you go to an interview or to apply to a school, they will look up your name, and check to see  and what you have done. if you are aware of your footprint and are careful on what you post, you will have a ‘clean’ reputation, but if you are not aware, who knows what they will find. having a bad footprint can affect your daily life too. any family member or colleague can easily look up your name, and find out what you’ve done.

you should always be aware of your digital footprint, because it can be a blessing, or a curse.See the source image


picture with impact

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I chose this picture because this shows how much people are expected to know  to be able to contribute to this society. if you go to a good school, or get a good education, you will be able to have better opportunities and have a more powerful career. if you have a good education, you will get a job that you couldn’t dream of if you didn’t have a one. but, some people that can’t afford a better education will not get an opportunity to have the career they fit. this is wrong because these people should be offered the same opportunities as the people who can afford to go to a fancy college, or get a fancy diploma.

Youtube Video

I chose this video because not only is it one of my favourite scenes from my favourite movie, but this specific scene can go into depth . in this scene, the man (rod) introduces his friend denise to his crew. he tells them to say something about themselves. they all repeat rod and say that they like to party. rod says that no one except him can party, but what he doesn’t understand is that multiple people can like or do the same thing as he can. he’s unwilling to notice that both him and his friends party. Rod needs to be more open minded and needs to understand that lots of people have things in common.

Inspirational quote

the quote that inspired me is

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”   -Dr. Seuss

this quote inspires me because this speaks directly to my generation. it tells us that ‘fitting’ in isn’t something we should do. instead we should express ourself, say what we want to say, wear what we want to wear. not one person is the same, so therefore we should show that.

About me

my name is John, and I am a student in the coquitlam area. I have 2 sisters and a pet gecko. Some things I enjoy are, skiing, playing videogames, traveling, camping, sleeping, eating, and skimboarding. Some sports I play are, football, track and field, skiing, and competitive hip hop. Some of my favourite foods are, sushi, cheeseburgers, and anything Italian. I really enjoy travelling, I have gone to 9 countries and 3 continents. my favourite place I have gone to is probably Italy.

These are some facts about me, I hope they help with you getting to know me a little bit better!