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My Science Quote

“The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.” YouTube. Accessed 30 Jan. 2020. Staff, Entrepreneur. “Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson Launches Kickstarter for Video Game.” Entrepreneur, 16 June 2017,   Neil Degrasse… Continue Reading →

My Digital Footprint

DL Assignment 2  

My Favourite Video

This is my favourite video because sunsets bring me peace and joy. Watching them alone is really therapeutic for me because I’m able to be alone and think in a beautiful scenery. The way the colours flow and melt together… Continue Reading →

My favourite quote

A favourite quote of mine is “Don’t cry over the past, it’s gone. Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived. Live in the present and make it beautiful.” I’m not too sure who wrote it but I like it… Continue Reading →

My favourite photo

This is one of my favourite photos because it’s my kitten Nova. I got Nova from my friend who was selling kittens and since then (September,) I’ve practically fallen in love with her. Whenever I come home from school she’s… Continue Reading →

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