Reflection on our Video

DL Reflection 


I was pleasantly surprised at every meeting. Our group overall was very punctual.  The group decided to show up to every single meeting we schedule online. Our quick responses to messages were key to our success in meeting our due date and finishing the project. We only had three classes to spend on our project and those classes were spent more on planning what we would do when we got home.

Planning was extremely important as making things up on the spot would be extremely inefficient especially when recording online rather in person. Collaboration needs planning. We needed to plan when to meet, who would do what and what to say in the film. But the majority of our project relied on people doing their assigned part and job. If one person is slow in finishing their part, the rest of the group will not be able to move forward, slowing us down and potentially causing us to not meet the deadline. We also heavily trusted each other to finish crucial parts of the project that no one else knew how to work, such as blue screens, editing soft software, and voice editing.

This trust was kept as our results show, our project was handed in on time and presents high levels of quality. I believe we achieved collaboration and group punctuality, I could have not asked more from my group.

Developing Ideas

We had a time limit of five minutes. The video is double that time limit and was ten minutes long and, we could have made it much longer. The group had many ideas we had wanted to implement into the project. But due to our time limit being exceeded by the doubled, critical and creative thinking was utilized to cut down and modify our ideas. We were open and allowed our ideas to become malleable to fit our time constraints. Even with our ideas changed, our project remained logical and all our ideas harmonized nicely together after quite a few modifications obviously. Developing ideas was done correctly and logically. Our project worked even when running into the problem of a double exceeded time limit.

This was an amazing project and my friends have taught me so much about trust, the importance of being consistent and learning about new software apps, how to use a blue screen and I discovered Minecraft through our science project. This has taught me so much more than Meiosis and Mitosis.

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