Winter Market Reflection

For the winter market, I worked with my partner Janine to create Joy Jars and cute little Christmas ornaments. Joy Jars are jars filled with different objects according to a specific theme. For instance, we had the Spa, Fun, and Treat jar available for sale as well as our second product, the ornaments. We had many ideas for our ornaments but decided to go with the ones that looked best which were the penguin and Epsom salt-covered ornaments. The Joy Jars were the main product and the ornaments were mostly a side product. We decided to make Joy Jars because we wanted to make convenient gifts for people to give one another during the holidays. Also, we had heard many people wanting products regarding a specific theme, which contributed greatly to making our products. However, it took us a while to get everything right because we had two other possible ideas as products. My original idea was to create homemade hand sanitizers along with a clay jewelry holder. Sadly enough, the original product couldn’t be brought to life for financial reasons. Even though our products weren’t the most creative, we still got a lot of sales and used our marketing skills for good. 

Math was an academic concept that was required for this project because we needed to create a financial plan and handle the money that we gained from the consumers by ourselves. Speech isn’t an academic concept however it can theoretically be conjoined with English. We needed to use our voice (marketing) to attract consumers to our table to buy our products. Marketing is key to success in business because you need to make everyone think your product is the best and a once in a lifetime opportunity. We most certainly changed our ways a lot throughout this project because we bounced from two good product ideas to completely different ones. One can say that my partner and I were very adaptable once it came to this project and rolled with the punches. As for our financial plan, we exceeded our budget and needed to adapt by lowering the cost of each jar to sell it for a cheaper price. My expectations for this project were certainly different than what took place for several reasons. Firstly, blowing up through our budget made me extremely nervous and the sale itself didn’t go as smoothly as I had thought. As for our products, I thought we weren’t going to be ready for the day due to lack of communication.

 Throughout the duration of this project, I learned that procrastination and laziness, in general, doesn’t take you a long way. You have to be on top of things and make scheduled deadlines for yourself, keeping in mind that you need to meet them. To be completely frank, my partner and I struggled a little when it came to certain deadlines such as the creation of the products itself. This project was a learning opportunity for us both because it is indeed a life lesson that procrastination will not take you a long way in the future. In the future, if I were to redo this project, I would make solidified deadlines and ensure that I meet them. 

In my group, I feel like communication was lacking because my partner and I would only communicate during class. We both had a lot of commitments outside of school which made communication extremely poor, and that cost us a lot. The reason I am reflecting on this core competency is because communication is extremely important in a group setting and therefore needed, in order to be successful.




My Digital Footprint

The link provided will take you to My Digital Footprint assignment.


My Favourite Video

There are so many videos out there but my favourite one is hands down “Ripple”, a short film  from Thailand. Every time I watch this video it brings me to tears because it is so sad, yet so happy at the same time. In my mind, the best video is one that brings you through an emotional roller coaster and this video is no different. I love the idea of the ripple effect and a total believer that everything you give will come back to you at a certain point in your life. My view on life is much like a mirror. Whatever you do will reflect from the mirror and come back to you, which is why it is important to do as much good deeds as you possibly can in a lifetime. Other than that, creating a ripple effect can go a long way. Something as simple as complimenting someone can make their day. This will carry on and the positive ripple will keep on expanding, one bounce at a time. This short film has taught me a lot and the important message to share is that you should always lend a helping hand and keep on expanding the ripple. Remember, whatever you do in your lifetime will bounce back to you at a certain point in your life. You shouldn’t need or want fame in order to help people, but should do it from the kindness of your heart…

My Favourite Picture

Image result for country road meme

This is probably my favorite picture/meme of all time because I can definitely relate to this on a personal level, considering that it has happened to me on more than one occasion. No matter how much I dislike a song playing on the radio or from other devices, I always seem to sing along. It is extremely weird and really funny. There was this one time I was in the car and a song came on the radio. As far as my foggy memory serves me, I believe that it was “Hello” by Adele. Now, this was a few years ago and Adele wasn’t my favorite artist. However, I now jam with her songs 24/7. Long story short, I clearly stated how I didn’t like the song. Seconds later, I started singing the lyrics, word for word. My friends who were in the car at the time started laughing, followed by my parents. Now that I reflect on it, I can truly see how the situation was funny and entertaining to watch.

My Quote

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” By: Nelson Mandela 

This quote resonates with me for a variety of reasons, but perhaps the biggest reason is my love and appreciation for education. I personally believe that with education, one can truly change the world and make a better tomorrow for the next generations to come. Proper education in my mind can mean a good job, which then turns to good money, and possibly a good life. Notice how I didn’t only state “a good life” but added possibly into the sentence. Money can’t buy happiness and a good life, even though it is a contributing factor. In short, good education will take you a long way.