Winter Market Reflection

In the past Winter Market, my group and I founded and managed an R&D business called Snowssentials. My group consisted of Emma Ding, Andrew Ji, and me, Xeo Lee. We decided to make the products that we made, which are the beverage trees and hand-warmers, to help fellow students to enjoy a relaxing and cozy winter break where they wouldn’t be bothered by the harsh cold. Looking back, although stressful and time-consuming, I had a great experience where I learned many valuable skills and experiences; like time management and working together in a group as well as financial literacy. During this experience, a variety of skills I learnt in the marketing course was used, such as the law of supply and demand. For example, although there were consumers willing to buy our tea trees, there were customers who were looking for a different flavour such as hot chocolate. So my group took advantage of that situation and made plenty of hot chocolate trees and sold out. Our first challenge within the whole market was the survey and what the consumers of Port Moody secondary wanted. Our initial plan was bath bombs and scrunchies, but upon reconsideration through the results of the survey, we knew we had to change our approach and landed on the tea trees. This experience was not very different from what I had expected in regard to all the fun I had run the market but it was definitely harder to be creative during the process. Going through with this project, I learned a little bit about the service industry as well as marketing to customers. This was learned when servicing and marketing to the customers both digitally and at the market itself. These skills are essential when expressing what you are trying to communicate with others and not create misunderstandings. And communication is important to create good impressions and market your products. It is also essential when working cooperatively with people such as when you need to divide up the workload, but it isn’t clear who is doing what it will create a problem and not as efficient as a group who knows what they are doing.

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