Science Fair

Our research question was how do different types of sugar affect the texture and overall tastes of the cotton candy. It was important to investigate to us because we wanted to see how we could switch up the original recipe and make it a little more modern while still keeping it close to the traditional. We could also learn a little bit about ancient china since thats where it origianted.  We’ve researched many different techniques and recipes and were planning on making the original recipe first (water, corn syrup, vinegar, maltose, and caster sugar) then switching up the sugar to compare it to. We would make it the same by melting everything together over a stove top then putting into donut molds to set. After it set we would stretch it out then overlap it until it was the right texture. We didn’t connect with an adult since most wouldn’t know much about it, but they were curious of the outcome of the experiment.

Dragon's Beard Candy (銀絲酥)


My science quote

The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.             

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson (astrophysicist, 1958 -)

Science is facts because it’s proven to be true with evidence. Peoples opinion is often not true because there’s no evidence behind it. Like Neil deGrasse stated, science is true whether you believe it or not. Although it may take peoples self esteem down, you can’t change the facts. For example, if someone believes that the ocean only takes up half the earth, their opinion is irrelevant because it was already proven to takes up 71%. I chose this quote because I can relate to it by speaking facts.


(Reisigl, 2017)

Assignment 2: My digital footprints





My Favourite Quote

“Don’t give up before you even try.”

– Lilly Singh (from the book: How To Be a Bawse)

I like this quote because most people give up before they even try. I find it disappointing how they aren’t willing to give themselves a shot at it when they don’t even know the results. Your future hasn’t been written yet, you’re the author of your own story.

Credits: Leia Chen