My Digital Footprint


When I google myself, I find 3 of the same type of video, ALEJANDRA ISEA I, II, and III they’re videos that my uncle took of me as a baby and posted onto YouTube. In the videos they try to get me to say my own name, and then another of me and my sister dancing.
Port Moody Car-Free Day
A twitter account called @AlejandraoIsea she says she’s a geek and a miner, and she speaks Spanish and says she is “luchando por lograr un mejor pais” which means “fighting to reach a better country”
My solo dance from 2019, at a synergy dance competition
An Instagram account called @alejandra.isea it’s a private account but she says she’s from Venezuela, a swimmer, and is 16 years old, she is not me.
My YouTube account
My dance studio’s website: Caulfield School of Dance
How might my digital footprint affect my personal brand and future opportunities for post-secondary. How it might affect my job prospects. Why it is important to be aware of one’s digital footprint.
My digital footprint is important because for what I want to do when I’m older, because in the acting industry they will blacklist anyone who has a weird or bad type of past. It’s also important because stuff on the internet can be far from reality and people could think of me in ways that they aren’t meant to. 
3 strategies that I can use to keep my digital footprint appropriate and safe.
Keep my accounts private.
If I keep my accounts private, there is less of a chance of weirdos creeping on my page. If I end up posting something that isn’t average teenager stuff, only my friends would see it and not my future employers. Keeping my account private makes it harder for people to hack my accounts.
Post things that if my grandma saw, she wouldn’t be disappointed.
My grandma and I have a pretty close bond and if she saw pictures of me that were completely out of my normal stuff, she would freak out. For me I can’t stand the thought of my grandma being disappointed in me.
Keep all sensitive information to myself.
If all my sensitive information is out for everyone to see, anyone could find me and do some not very good things to me. Keeping my information private is the one of the safest ways to be on the internet. Not everyone on the internet is a good person and you could never trust people and sharing personal information could be dangerous.
Have all drama and “beef” off the internet
Keeping all high school drama and all that type of stuff off the internet is important because if your future employer sees that 3 years ago you cussed someone out through Instagram comments, they will not hire you. It’s best to make it look like you aren’t involved with that type of thing even if you are. People change but the internet can make someone look like an incredibly bad person with just a few clicks on a keyboard.
What is digital permanence?
Digital permanence is like a book of records, and it is constantly updating. Everything you do, search, type, and post is forever recorded. Even if you “delete your history” it will still be somewhere, and people can find it. We need to be careful with it because it makes it easier for a person to find your likes and dislikes and make things that can appeal to you and lure you in. Like I said, you can’t trust everyone online and everyone isn’t always “good” people might seem friendly and harmless, but there’s always a chance of people putting up an act for you.

My Favourite Quote

My favourite quote is “IT SMELLS LIKE A PUBLIC RESTROOM” by Kombucha girl. This is my favourite quote because it honestly represents me really well. I don’t smell like a public restroom though. It’s also from Tiktok which is the app that i spend most of my time on. It was also a semi big meme for a little bit.