Yearbook Chapter Photos

Hello… these are my two favourite chapter photos that i took for Graphic Production: Yearbook 11

The first one is a photo for the Clubs Chapter, as shown in my Digital Portfolio:


And this photo I took for the Academics chapter while a gr 10 science class was doing a lab:


The photos are very different, in the lighting and the density of the composition, but both were fun to take.

Math Trip Promotion Video, Destination: Seattle

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These are based on my weird nighttime hallucinations (dreams).


X *sitting by a puddle with a spider on a paper boat floating along*

Y: …why?

X: Because. Spyders.

Y: You should leave it alone.

X: I will. Later.


Y: Why are you lying on the floor in the middle of the hallway?

X: I tripped and got distracted by the ceiling lights. Do you know how to take that off?

Y: What?

X: There’s a rusty rope on the wall.

Y: Yes. *Takes rope off*

X: You shouldn’t have done that.

Y: But you said…

X: I meant theoretically. I didn’t put that there. It’s possible it even has a purpose.

Y: Well why didn’t you say that earlier?

X: I forgot.


X: Do you really need to take roller skates off when going down an escalator?

Y: Yes.

X: But what if I don’t

Y: You’ll crash.

X: Well then how about going up the escalator? If I stand still and let it do the moving?

Y: Just don’t.

X: *will definitely do it* *does it* *crashes* *needs ambulance*

Y: Told you.



DIY Mysterious drink (jk, jk…)

Ok so.

This is a recipe for a very common drink I just don’t know what to call it in English.

There aren’t any proper measurements because when I make food, I don’t properly measure things. That’d be weird.

  1. Get a pot for cooking.
  2. Put berries or fruits or both in the pot. Enough to cover the bottom of it.
  3. Add enough water to fill the pot.
  4. Bring to a boil.
  5. Add some sugar if you’d like (no harm, no foul if you find it sour and add sugar after it’s done).
  6. Cook for 5 minutes.
  7. Done. You can drink it now. Just don’t burn yourself.

The Questionable Sonnet

If knowledge is kept under key and lock

Then paths are confused, and progress soon lost

Everyone’s wondering how to unlock

The wonder of knowing, and then the cost


Doubt creeps in and makes me mistrust all that

I know: all that I could ever question

To anyone who finds answers, my hat

I tip, in truly curious fashion


Seniors dampen youngsters’ spirits saying

Live a century, learn a century

Still die a fool; curios’ty’s sending

Kittens and cats to the cemetery


Wondering who, where, how, what, why and when

Such is the curiosity of men

The BeFlatAlready Instrument Experiments


This is for all the people who play the Bb clarinet (and I guess other clarinets and saxophones, but I don’t speak for them).

Have you realized that if you just put the reed on the mouthpiece and don’t assemble the whole clarinet you can make enough sound to wake someone up easily? I have. You just put the reed on the mouthpiece and don’t assemble the whole clarinet, and then blow as you would if you were playing. If it’s hard to hold, add the barrel. Maybe spook your sibling for practice (jk, jk…). It’s kind of fun, you can get a sound and a rhythm, but there’s no keys to stress over.



Country Cat Chase


When I lived in Ukraine, I lived in the city. And my grandmother lived in a small town, several hours away driving. We would go their often on weekends. I don’t remember the coming story, but I’ve been told it many times.

Toddler me knew that Cats say Meow.

But then we went to my grandmother’s, and there was an orange stray always hanging around because she fed him. I really liked the cat, and would spend a lot of time petting and playing with him. But he didn’t necessarily like that, and would growl.

After this episode, I’d say that Cats make a sort of …mRRRow… sound.


Book Recommendations 1


Today I’ve got some book recommendations based on what I’ve been reading lately.

  1. Erebos by Ursula Poznanski  :  This is definitely a high excitement gaming story that I recommend to anyone. There are pirate games going around, but they seem to be a much bigger thing than that..
  2. Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson (and then also read the other books in the series)  :  For those of you whole love mysteries, this one will surely hit the jackpot. Stevie Bell is highly interested in a kidnapping case from mid-ish 20th century, and she gets admitted to the Academy where it happened. She plans to solve it, but certain events get in the way.
  3. Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss  :  Ex-FBI negotiator Voss talks about, well, persuasive talking. Negotiation is really broken down into pieces, and there are a lot of “war” stories to keep the reader’s attention.

Funnest Ukrainian Words

Hello. Or should I say ‘Привіт’?

Today, I’m going to teach you some Ukrainian words. For pronunciation your best bet is to google it, my phonetic explanations suck.

Ok here goes.



Ukranian-word = English-translation (English letters used to represent Ukrainian pronunciation)


Хмара = Cloud (Hmah-rah)

Гаразд = Ok (Ghah-rahzd)

Спокій = Tranquility (Spo-keey)

Нісенітниці = Nonsense (Nee-sa-neet-ny-tsi)

Фінтифлюжина* = Thingamajig (Feen-ty-flu-jy-nah)


Good luck


*Not really correct but I’ve seen it in a Ukrainian fiction book

Bad House Design Idea 1

‘Evening everyone!

If you’re looking for highly meaningful content turn back now.

If you’re still here, you should hear me out.

Imagine this: a built in bookcase, but into an outside wall. A place for books, and a door for wind and bugs (how fun).

Well.. if your walls are really thick, this could work, maybe, I dunno, I guess?? But if they aren’t – windowsills full of wet paper for you




Ok. If you’re looking for highly meaningful content turn back now.

So, yesterday, I was showing my dad and sister how to get to PMSS through Banting, and then going down the path when behind the gym. At one point I heard big rustling, but Dad was sure it was nothing so we continued onwards.

If bears are nothing, he was right.

A bit further on, we came within 15-20 meters from a black bear, just standing there by the trail. We turned back, and the bear sauntered on across the path and into the woods on the other side. On the way back, we walked by someone out for a run, and we told them to be careful cause y’know, Bear. They smiled, looked at their phone for a minute, and continued down the trail. Whoever you are, points for bravery I guess.

Now, today we were downtown for one of the Peace For Ukraine rallies, so to speak, and we saw pigeons.

Pigeons. In Vancouver. 

There were many around Kharkiv, I remember them. But here? I honestly didn’t even realized pigeons live in BC at all. Although, I didn’t really think about it. I guess I just don’t go to the heart of the city that often, or pigeons generally avoid me.

Either way…

there were pigeons. 

Oh and a bear the day before.


Here you go, a whole minute of bad pigeon filming.



Guess what

Hello, hi

If you’re looking for highly meaningful content turn back now.

Ok, so, my parents and I were playing a Kahoot about capital cities in Europe. In my usual manner, I was choosing cities for the silliest of reasons, usually because one of them reminded me of a regular word, and so why not choose that one? Right before the options showed for question 5, I called out, “This one will be Lava.” And low and behold, the yellow box shows “La Valetta”, which was close enough. Obviously, I chose that.

^Drumroll please^

I was correct!

This will be a story I tell forever..


PS: The question was: What is the capital of Malta?, and the options were Riga, San Marino, La Valetta, and Nikosia.

Also, here’s the link to the Kahoot if you want to play.  Kahoot!


Favorite Quote

“I failed spectacularly but I tried my best.”

– Someone. Supposedly a human, question mark

Have you heard it before? It describes how some of my ideas work out. Also I generally think that heading in with a goal of doing your best is an odd statement, because there isn’t really a set and exact limit, but trying and heading into to stuff without fear of failure is something I try to do.

Favourite Image

I chose this picture for several reasons. One of them being that it is simply a nice picture, one of my best I’d say. Secondly, it reminds me of the quote “The dark isn’t always ugly” (Sagittarian). Because the rose, although beautiful, blocks the sun, the light.Credit: Me. I took the picture.

Favourite Youtube Clip

This is everything I want in an entertaining video. A cat, humour and no intro! If you are here than you probably know I love cats, so it’s no surprise one of my favourite videos features a lovely little kitty. As you probably don’t know,  funny videos fill up a large portion of my watch history.