Take Your Kid to Work Day

I visited my father’s workplace today. He works as a manager for a company that specializes in freight forwarding. His company’s job is to arrange the best route for transportation of goods. They provide their services for inland, ocean, and occasionally air transportation.

Today, I mainly focused on jobs from the financial department of the company. Firstly, I learnt how to operate their extremely complicated computer system, where one can check on a variety of specific details on a particular shipment. Then, I was given a long list of shipments and was instructed to confirm whether the client had paid or not using the information provided by the computer system. My final job was then to the nearby bank and deposit monthly company earnings at the end of the day. I was also given the opportunity to interview several workers at the office about their job. Throughout the process, I gained insight on the work environments, schedules, and duties of the employees. 

  1. What is one new thing you learned in this experience or one thing that surprised you?

I was astonished by how complex the company’s computer system was. It was so difficult to understand its functions I spent over a third of my day learning how to operate it. 

  1. What are one to three skills you would need to develop to be equipped for this job?
  • Problem-solving skills: There are a plethora of problems that may arise during the transportation of goods. From shortages of containers to unexpected delays, managing freight forwarding operations requires one to be able to solve issues quickly and effectively.
  • Communication skills: In order to organize the safest, most-cost effective, and efficient transportation route, employees must have strong communication skills to make arrangements with the client, carrier(s), partner(s), etc. 
  1. What did you hear, see, smell, and feel in the work environment on Nov. 2nd?

When I entered the workplace, I was immediately hit with the potent smell of paper, which directly correlates with what I see: several shelves filled with a myriad of files, ordered neatly by date. The employees were sitting at their personal desks, which are individually separated by a panel system. The rooms are dead silent, besides the consistent clacking of keyboards and occasional telephone calls. At lunch, all the workers gather together in the meeting room, where they eat and socialize. 

  1. What about the environment would motivate you to wake up every day to attend work?

The office’s pantry and fridge is stocked with mouth-watering snacks.

  1. What would discourage you from waking up every day to attend work?

The strenuous, long, and focused work hours with very minimal breaks.

Image of Impact

A Way Out | X35 Earthwalker

(source: https://www.x35earthwalker.com/tag/a-way-out/)
This captivating scenery comes from my favourite story-based video game: A Way Out. The story follows two men, Leo and Vincent, who work together closely to escape prison and embark on a quest for revenge against a common enemy. As they make their way out of jail, they build a relationship as close as brothers with each other. However, after they finally get their revenge, a plot twist occurs. The ending explores betrayal and many emotions, which is what makes the game immensely remarkable to me. It reflects on many aspects of life, including certain problems that one can encounter with those they love. Besides the unforgettable storyline, its gameplay and visuals are quite impressive as well.

Meaningful Quote

24 Winnie the Pooh Quotes That Will Bring the Nostalgia(source: https://moodswag.com/24-winnie-the-pooh-quotes-that-will-bring-the-nostalgia/)
“We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun” – Winnie the Pooh

This quote—at surface level—seems quite shallow. However, it resonates with me deeply. Recently, one of my relatives passed away. We did a lot of things together that I never fully cherished, and now I look back upon these events painfully as memories I wish I could experience again. With that being said, this quote reminds me to savor every moment with those I love, as I never know when I might lose them forever.

Favorite YouTube Video

(source: https://youtu.be/wLkfz10Srxw)

I love cats—especially this one. When my friend first showed me this video a few months ago, I would watch it on loop for hours as I found it weirdly entertaining. To this day, I still listen to the catchy background music while I am working, eating, awake, sleeping—all day everyday. I will never get bored of it. Although what I just wrote might sound completely random and silly, I truly believe that sometimes the most meaningful things in life are things that make you happy, and for me, it is the break-dancing cat.