Image of Impact

This was a photo I took almost two years ago on the Effiel Tower replica in Macau. I got to go up to the top, which was nearly 30 floors high, and take pictures of the scenery. On the platform of the tower, there were tiny little holes such as this one and you could aim your camera through and take photos like I did above. Out of all the ones I took of the scenery around, this was one of my favourites because in my opinion, the photo turned out really nice even without editing and the effect of the hole made it have more depth. I take scenery photos quite often, but this still remains as one of my favourites to this day.

Meaningful quote

I dont have any favourite quotes or anything, but there is one that I came across last year which is:

“Everyone wants to be the sun to brighten up someone’s life, but why not be the moon to shine on someone’s darkest hour?”

Unfortunately, I was never able to find out who this quote belonged to. I chose this quote because it’s exactly like it says, everyone thinks about making someone’s day better out of courtesy, but what about the people who actually need it? Instead of giving someone a compliment everyday, I prefer to help someone get through their darkest times, which it the reason why I chose this.

Favourite YouTube clip

I have many favourite videos, but this is one of the top ones. There’s so much I like about this video, such as the art, animation, and the comedic humour. Even though I’m not a parent, I related to so many of the things brought up in the video whether is was not eating your vegetables or not brushing your teeth. I’ve watched this video so many times and it’s funny every time. I’m probably at the point where I can watch this and say all the lines along with the characters. The video is just so enjoyable and it lifts up my mood every time.