Critical Thinking Core Competency Reflection

Question ad Investigate

How did you tell the difference between facts and interpretations, opinions and judgments?

I was able to tell the difference by looking at how the information is worded. For example, if it says “I think that…” then its obviously an opinion, judgment or interpretations. Even if its not worded like that I can use my critical thinking skills to determine whether or not its a fact or opinion. For example, if it says “e.g: Donald Trump is a bad president” then I know that its an opinion because a person would have to justify his opinion through reasoning. On the other hand, if its a fact then I could look further into it by doing a bit of research through other sources. Or I could simply use critical thinking through logic and reasoning, for example if a it says “e.g: the sun is a star” then I would know its a fact.

Analyze and Critique

How did you analyze evidence from different perspectives?

I was able to analyze evidence from different perspectives by analyzing and critiquing the evidence from different perspectives. I did this by putting myself in other people’s shoes and trying to see what they would think of the evidence from their perspective. For example, if a person said “boys are better than girls” then from a boy’s perspective they would agree however a girl wouldn’t. Therefore, in order to analyze evidence from different perspectives I would have to analyze the evidence from a different point of view.

Favorite Video

This video is my favorite video because I found it really interesting and meta. It starts off relatively normal until it says that you died in a car crash. From there it becomes more and more confusing as it comes up for an explanation for the universe. It has a lot of twists and turns that make the viewer seem surprised. By the end of the video I was having difficulty wrapping my head around all of this information that it had given. The theory itself that the universe as we know it is actually just one person growing until it’s ready to hatch is very intriguing which I enjoyed. Furthermore, the way that the video was narrated is awesome especially with the narration being in both first and second person makes it feel immersing. This combined with the spectacular animations makes it my favorite video.


Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell, director. The Egg. YouTube, YouTube, 1 Sept. 2019,

Favorite Website

My favorite website is called Top 10 Anime Betrayals

http://Yang, Nathan, and Kelvin Shao. “Top 10 Anime Betrayals.” Top 10 Anime Betrayals, 25 July 2019,

So first of all you’re probably wondering why the link to the website is so bizarre (maybe). The reason why is because during the summer me and my friend Kelvin created a website at summer school. We didn’t have a domain so we couldn’t put it on the internet and we wanted to, so I asked my friend Aidan to put it on his domain which he did with a bit of persuasion. However. he made the link as obscure as possible so it would be practically impossible to find the website without the link (that’s why it says “neverfindthispleasegod” at the end). Anyways this is my favorite website because first of all the website is partially made by me and I’m proud of that. The reason being that it used all the coding skills that I learned in summer school. Secondly, the website itself is a joke because it starts out looking legit with the at the top, an intro to anime betrayals and an anime betrayal. However, the further you go in the website the more ridiculous the betrayals become ranging from an actual anime betrayal to the website itself being a betrayal. The paragraphs for each entry are also funny because they’re so ridiculous. Finally at the very bottom of the page you’ll see some share buttons, credits, photoshopped pictures of me and Kelvin that I made and Contacts. The Facebook share button goes to Mark Zuckerberg’s facebook, the Twitter one goes to Elon Musk’s facebook and finally the download one goes to a sketchy website. Obviously the contacts aren’t legit because the phone number belongs to a Chinese KFC, the email isn’t real and the Address is a KFC in Houston. The point is that even though I helped make the website I still find it really funny which is why it’s my favorite website.

Citation: (It feels weird citing my own website)

Yang, Nathan, and Kelvin Shao. “Top 10 Anime Betrayals.” Top 10 Anime Betrayals,, 18 July 2019,

Favorite Quote

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas Edison

Image result for Thomas edison

This is my favorite quote because it shows that no matter how difficult anything is its better to not give up because they could’ve been so close to success. Yet they would be unable to realize it. Take Thomas Edison for example, he failed to create the light bulb 1,000 times but he persevered and ended up creating it. One of his famous quotes is “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.“. He probably didn’t realize how close he was to succeeding at making the light bulb and yet he didn’t give up until he succeeded. So in the end it shows that Thomas Edison was a person who did not simply give up, but persevered till they succeeded. I believe that this is a good quote to live by as it is very encouraging and meaningful.