My Digital Footprint

When i searched up my name on the internet I couldn’t find anything about myself, but i did find someone with the same first name and last name, which i thought was pretty weird but Beside that i could not find anything about me.

A. First i think the digital footprint is data that is left behind by who ever is using that computer. When you are applying for job it’s important for people to view what you have posted in the past  they also can see you interests and etc. So you should be very careful of what you upload on the internet like posting thing’s. For example if you party a lot or got caught doing drugs or drinking under age. All of these thing will not help you if you are trying to get a job.

B.First Strategy. Tagged pictures can show my personal information to someone. for example, when i post a picture with a tag and my location with that date and time it will be aware to everyone.

Second. Beware of your activity online. Knowing that sending something is like publishing forever. Also going to most websites are going to record your activity. When posting or commenting online, the messages should not be offensive, sexist or racist.

Third. privacy should be a high priority because it can prevent your personal data from spreading or leaking private information/ personal.

C. digital permanence is basically how MB of storing data has developed and the permanence of digital data. I would explain it as how long something can last on the internet forever while still being worth. To a child, I would explain it as how long something can stay online for while still being found. we should be aware of what we do online and what we put out there

favorite picture

Image result for cat pictures

Cats are my favorite animal because their very lovable

I think cats are good pets to make your day better if it’s bad in the first place.

Some good quality’s about cats, some are calm and cuddly they’re fluffy and to me cute.

My favorite quote.

“Be yourself everyone else is already taken” ― Oscar Wilde 

I love this quote because it means just be you because you are the best at being you.

This meant a lot when i was a kid i always wanted to be a cool kid. but then i realized that i am me and no one else.



Favorite Video

The reason why i like this video is because it’s funny at the end.

Him falling is the best part, the guy behind the camera saying “Wayne Glensky” in a weird way is pretty funny to.

How i found it was i hit my keyboard and i cricked search and this came up, i was bored at the time.