My Digital Portfolio

I don’t know how the interview will proceed. I gave my full answers on the presentation so you can read it. Something in my presentation that I would like you to notice is that I spent a lot of time obsessing over the fonts and font sizes, I spent probably too much time on making it look nice. My self evaluation is 6/9 (for the moment as I have not provided feedback to a peer).

(Also, on questions D, there are two questions in it but I was not sure where you wanted 4-5 sentences for each so I interpreted it as only 4 because the presentation was only supposed to be 5 mins.)

My Digital Portfolio by Ella

My Digital Footprint

I googled myself. I found nothing and even when our SOAR leaders looked us up, they never found anything on me. Through this activity I checked all of my password protected sites, seeing my profiles and privacy settings. I am not unhappy with what I found or with my digital footprint, you would not find much and even then, none of its incriminating and would lose me a job (I’m pretty sure).
However, I do now realize how much more our digital footprint is, its about web searches, privacy policies and cookies, not just posting pictures or videos. If you want to do anything online or with an app, you have to enter your email address, age, full name, etc. because of that I leave a big digital footprint even though most of it is not tracible by your average person and its used mostly for advertisement. But if they are going take information from my activity to give me adds, at least I am not going to see inappropriate adult content.

My presentation:

A Video I Like

DailyPicksandFlicks, director. Octopuses Slap One Another. YouTube, 29 June 2016,

I love the ocean my family has a sailboat, spending time on the sea is my favourite past time. However I don’t feel as if I know what is beyond the oceans surface, my imagination goes to deadly sharkes. I always appreciate when a video can show me that animals or in this case octopuses have lives and are not just some detached concept of an animal. An element of the video I enjoyed was the audio, it reminded me of a stop motion camp I went to. This video makes me smile because it reminds me that even octopuses don’t like everyone and they too want to slap some people.

Photo with Impact

This image is impactful to me because it is a picture that I took on the West Coast Trail this summer. When I see this photo I am taken back to it. The trail was mentally and physically challenging to get through but when I look back at this photo I am reminded of the good parts of the trip and the pay off of getting to see such beautiful scenery. The trail showed me a few things.

  1. BC can be a beautiful place and has rain forests.
  2. I can take some nice photos.
  3. I should take advantage of all the great places around me to go outdoors in nature more often.
  4.  Sometimes the most memorable parts of the trip are the disasters (our tent flooded at 2am) and that it does not have to be the end (best sleep on the trip after that).
  5.  As we were walking along the coast for a good portion of the trail, I got to see some gorgeous beaches, rocks (see photo?) and luckily enough gray whales. There were a few places where it felt unreal and was like we were on a different planet, specifically the part where the photo above was taken. With all that is going on with the environment it really would be a tragedy if places like this were destroyed.

My Favourite Quote

“Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats.” -Voltaire

This quote is interesting to me because I think it applies to everyone and is a universal mistake, we don’t appreciate things in the moment or at all. Sometimes I feel like I’m waiting for the good times to come to be happy, as if it is scheduled somewhere. Although at heart I believe I’m a pessimist, I know the value of being optimistic and having a good outlook on life which is something I do agree with the quote. I hope because of this quote when I am overwhelmed and busy I won’t forget to find pleasure in what I am doing.

“Voltaire.” Wind and Fly LTD, 2019. 26 September 2019.